Web Analytics Dashboard Overview - Google Data Studio


The purpose of the web analytics dashboard is to quickly summarize performance (traffic, engagement/behavior, and conversion) on one or more web properties using Google Data Studio.

This report uses the following data source:

  • Google Analytics

This report includes six separate tabs:

  1. Executive Summary: The executive summary provides a high-level overview of how key metrics (sessions, page views, pages per session, etc.) are trending over time, as well as how each channel is contributing to the individual metrics.
  2. Executive Summary (Notes): The executive summary (notes) is identical to the executive summary above, but includes a placeholder for text notes to be added.
  3. Traffic Summary: The traffic summary provides a more detailed view on web traffic volume and acquisition; providing the ability to view key metrics (and filter) by channel, source, medium, campaign, device, or landing page.
  4. Event Summary: The event summary provides details on what events users are engaging with once they visit the site.
  5. Page Summary: The event summary provides details on what page content users are engaging with once they visit the site.
  6. Conversion Summary: The conversion summary provides a breakdown of Goal completions. By default, Goal Completions 1-10 are displayed on this report, but it can be customized to include more/fewer goals depending on your specific configuration in Google Analytics.

This report is built on three datasets(which you will need to connect to when setting up your dashboard):

  1. CLIENT_NAME*_ga_session: This dataset includes session-level data.
  2. CLIENT_NAME*_ga_page: This dataset includes page-level data.
  3. CLIENT_NAME*_ga_event: This dataset includes a breakdown of events completed by event category, event action, and event label.

*NOTE: "Client_Name" is the name of your client within C3. For example, if you're ABC Agency and setting up this dashboard for John Doe Company, the first dataset above would be named "John_Doe_Company_ga_session"

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