ChannelMix's Data Hierarchy in Amazon RedShift

Your ChannelMix Data Warehouse is organized by schema, datasets, and profiles.  This article is meant to help explain the relationship between the assets in ChannelMix Control Center and your ChannelMix Data Warehouse.

ChannelMix Client (Database Schema)

A ChannelMix Client will be represented as a database schema in your ChannelMix Data Warehouse. A Client most often represents a single brand or company.  For example, if you would like to load data for both Ford Moter Company and Toyota, it would be best practice to create two ChannelMix Clients in the Control Center, one for each of these brands.

ChannelMix Profile

A ChannelMix Profile is a segment of data within a ChannelMix Client. Profiles allow you to segment data into meaningful groups of data for analysis and organization. One ChannelMix Client and Dataset can contain many ChannelMix Profiles.

ChannelMix Dataset (Database View)

A dataset is analysis ready data that can be accessed via your choice of business intelligence tool or SQL workbench client. Each dataset will be specific to a Client and may contain many Profiles.

Database Tables

Database Tables in your Data Warehouse are for internal use only and will not be accessible for analysis. All analysis ready data will be available via ChannelMix Datasets.


Your ChannelMix Data Warehouse has one main database that is named after your company. Access for your database is only accessible to your organization. 

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