ChannelMix Dataset QC & Discrepancy Troubleshooting

What do I do if my data looks incorrect?

Checkout the steps below to help identify any possible issues.

Step 1: Make sure you’re viewing the dataset at the correct level of granularity/dimensionality.

  • This means that when you’re comparing a ChannelMix dataset to a user interface (UI) reporting dashboard, that both have the same dimensions - campaign, adgroup, keyword, ad, network, device, other dimensions that might have an impact on how data will be returned.
  • You're also looking at data at the daily level and not aggregated to monthly or some other span.
  • Let’s say you’re looking at your Google Ads results in the keywords dataset, and they don’t seem to match what you’re seeing in the Google Ads UI.
  • A lot of times, a user will be looking at a keyword dataset from ChannelMix and comparing it to the campaign level or adgroup level report  in the UI. In reality, they need to be checking the keyword level report in the UI.
  • The reason for this is the ChannelMix data is reporting on everything that happens related to keywords. If you don’t QA it the same way, then the data will not match.
  • If you want to report on only campaign level data, then you’ll either need to change to your campaign dataset or activate the campaign dataset if you don’t already have it.
  • This is why, when we get these kinds of requests, we’ll usually ask for the name of the dataset you’re looking at and a raw export of data from the UI, so that we can check and make sure there is an apples to apples comparison.

Note: Need help producing a Google Analytics data export? Try the Google Analytics Query Explorer.

Step 2: The issue could be related to attribution windows

  • The default for, say, Facebook is 1-day view, 28-day click. But if you’re viewing your performance in your Facebook Ads Manager on a 7-day view and 7-day click, then your data may not match. It can be easy to unknowingly change the filter in their UI, so always give that a double check. If you do not utilize the default attribution window for a source system, let us know and we can make adjustments to the data pulls, so that they align with your reporting strategy.

Step 3: The issue could be related to how recently data has been pulled from the source system

  • ChannelMix datasets are updated in the morning, so if you’re comparing ChannelMix data to UI data in the afternoon, there could be some slight differences.
  • ChannelMix data is stored in a data warehouse, so it does not get automatically updated in the same way that user interface reporting does.
  • What can I do? Initiate a dataset refresh through the ChannelMix Control Center Library page to re-pull data or wait until the next day for the data to be refreshed automatically.

Step 4: What's Next?

  • You can either activate a standard dataset that better satisfies your reporting requirements
  • You can submit a ticket through ChannelMix Control Center for a custom dataset request.
  • If the steps above don't help uncover the root of the problem, send a ticket our way and provide us with as much information as you can, including any data exports that were referred to above, and we'll take a closer look.
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