Emfluence | Contacts Report Standard Dataset

This article details the dataset structure that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Contacts report dataset from Emfluence. There is a 0 day lag and data will be fully refreshed each day.

Field Name Type Description
Contact ID Dimension Unique ID of a contact
Date Added Date Time Date record was added
Date Modified Date Time Date record was modified
Email Dimension A valid email address
First Name Dimension First name of contact
Held Dimension Bad email address (too many bounces)
Last Name Dimension Last name of contact
Suppressed Dimension Opted out of receiving emails
User ID Dimension ID of system user contact belongs to
Insert Date Date Time Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table  
ChannelMix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between CreatorIQ accounts - Contents defined by Alight
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