Emfluence | Email Report Standard Dataset

Below are the measures and dimensions Alight Analytics considers standard for the Email report dataset from Emfluence. There is a 1 day lag, 30 day lookback window on Emfluence and data will be refreshed daily. Data will be appended and replaced based on the Email ID.

Field Name Type Description
abSplitID Dimension ID of A/B split
dateAdded Date Time Date record was added
dateModified Date Time Date record was modified
dateSent Date Time Date email was sent
emailID Dimension Unique ID of email
deliveryType Dimension How email gets delivered. One of: Manual, Automated, Transactional
status Dimension Current status of email delivery. One of: Draft, Sent, Scheduled
templateID Dimension ID of template used by email. Set htmlVersionEditable property to true to provide full HTML Version without using a template
userID Dimension ID of system user email belongs to
subject Dimension Subject of email
title Dimension Title of email (for internal use)
fromName Dimension Name used in From header
fromAddress Dimension Email address used in From header
replyToName Dimension Name used in Reply-to header
replyToAddress Dimension Email address used in Reply-to header
bounces Number Total number of bounces
clicks Number Total number of clicks
clickToViewRate Number Percentage of unique contacts who viewed the email and also clicked (unique views / unique clicks)
complaints Number Total number of spam complaints
forwards Number Total number of forwards (forward-to-friend)
recipients Number Total email recipients
shares Number Total number of shares
uniqueClicks Number Unique contacts that clicked a link
uniqueForwards Number Unique contacts that forwarded email
uniqueShares Number Unique contacts that shared email
uniqueViews Number Unique contacts that viewed email
uniqueWebViews Number Unique contacts that viewed as a web page
unsubscribes Number Total number of unsubscribes
views Number Total number of views
webViews Number Total number of web views
parentEmailID Dimension ID of parent email record
confirmed Dimension Is schedule delivery confirmed?
dateScheduled Date Time Date/time of scheduled delivery
Insert Date Date Time Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table  
ChannelMix Profile Dimension When needed, distinguishes between CreatorIQ accounts - Contents defined by Alight
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