Managing Data Source Connections

Managing your data source connections in ChannelMix Control Center is an essential part to ensuring data integrity. Many times we see that there are multiple connections per data source, but they all have access to the same pages, accounts, etc. Having multiple connections with access to the same page, accounts, etc. is not recommended and can lead to a couple different issues and data loading delays.

Issue 1: When you have multiple connections using the same credentials, it can actually cause connections within the same data source to break.

Issue 2: If you change the credential password used in the connections, then you have to remember to reconnect all connections - a single Oauth does not cascade to other connections within a data source.

What can I do, so that duplicate connections are not made?

  1. Rename connections. The connection names are editable, so it's best to update the name to say something like Master Connection and include the username of the credential that was used to create the connection.
  2. Check existing connections to see if one already has access to the page, account, etc. that you want.
    1. By clicking into a ChannelMix profile that is already linked to the connection, you can open up the pop-up window that shows what is currently available.


What if I know I already have duplicate connections that are in use?

Submit a ticket to Data Solutions requesting assistance in consolidating connections. Identify which connection you'd like to have be the master connection and Data Solutions can then migration ChannelMix profiles over to is as long as is has access to the same pages, accounts, etc.

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