ON24 | Event Attendees Standard Dataset

This article details the dataset structure that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Event Analytics dataset from ON24. There is a 1 day lag with a 14 day span that will be run daily.

Field Type Description
Browser Dimension Type of browse attendee used
Company Dimension Attendee Company
Country Dimension Attendee Country
Registered At Timestamp Attendee Registration Time
Email Registrants Dimension Attendee Email
Engagement Prediction Decimal Attendee Engagement Score
Event ID Dimension Event ID
Event User ID Dimension Attendee User ID
First Name Dimension Attendee First Name
Job Title Dimension Attendee Title
Last Name Dimension Attendee Last Name
Marketing Email Dimension Attendee Email
OS Dimension Attendee OS
Workphone Dimension Attendee Work Number
Zip Dimension Attendee Zip
Answered Polls Number Number of Polls Attendee Answered
Answered Surveys Number Number of Surveys Attendee Answered
Archive Minutes Number Number of Archive Minutes Attendee Watched
Ask Questions Number Number of Questions Attendee Asked
Engagement Score Decimal Engagement Score
Live Minutes Number Minutes Watched
Questions Dimension Attendee Question(s)
Content Type Dimension Event Content Type
Description Dimension Event Title
Event Duration Number Event Duration
Event Profile Dimension Event Profile
Event Type Dimension Event Type
Live End Timestamp Event Live End
Live Start Timestamp Event Live Start
Report Date Date Event Date
Reg Notification Required Dimension Attendee Reg Notification Required
Reg Required Dimension Attendee Reg Required
Report Url Dimension Event URL
Stream Type Dimension Event Stream Type
Tags Dimension Event Tags
Client Name Dimension Client Name
Insert Date Timestamp ChannelMix Field: when the row was inserted into the dataset
ChannelMix Profiles Dimension ChannelMix Field: the ChannelMix Profile associated to the data


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