Nielsen | Radio Market Standard Dataset

This article details the dataset structure that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Nielsen Radio Market data. To find out more information regarding this dataset, please contact your Client Experience representative.


Field Type Description
Report Period Name Dimension Report Period Name
Report Start Date Date Report Start Date
Report End Date Date Report End Date
Report Period Id Number Report Period Id
Market Code Number Market Code
Market Name Dimension Market Name
Daypart Name Dimension Daypart Name
Listening Location Dimension Listening Location
Audience Characteristic Name Dimension Audience Characteristic Name
Age Sex Demo Code Dimension Age Sex Demo Code
Population Number Population
Station Combo Type Number Station Combo Type
Station Combo Id Number Station Combo Id
Station Combo Name Dimension Station Combo Name
Arbitron Station Call Letters Dimension Arbitron Station Call Letters
Station Band Dimension Station Band
Station Frequency Decimal Station Frequency
Station Format Dimension Station Format
Network Affiliation Id Number Network Affiliation Id
Network Description Dimension Network Description
Network Net Name Dimension Network Net Name
Estimated Audience Number Estimated Audience
Average Intab Value Number Average Intab Value
Insert Date Timestamp ChannelMix Field: when the row was inserted into the dataset
Channelmix Profile Dimension ChannelMix Field: the ChannelMix Profile associated to the data
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