TrendKite | Total Mentions Standard Dataset

Below are the fields Alight Analytics considers standard for the Total Mentions dataset from TrendKite. There is a 1-day lag, 7-day lookback window on TrendKite and data will be refreshed daily.

Field Name Type Description
report_date Date Time Date the mention occurred
search_title Dimension The title of the search
search_definition Dimension The definition of the search
search_id Dimension The unique ID of the search
search_last_saved Date Time The timestamp of when the search was last saved
title Dimension The title of the mention 
author Dimension The author of the mention 
media_outlet Dimension The media outlet of the mention
media_type Dimension The media type of the mention 
sentiment Dimension The sentiment of the mention 
impact_score Dimension The impact score (low, medium, high) of the mention 
url Dimension The URL of the mention (where applicable)
link Dimension The TrendKite link to the mention 
country Dimension The country of the media outlet
state Dimension The state of the media outlet
city Dimension The city of the media outlet
pr_attr_visit_breakdown Dimension  
pr_attr_visit_competitor_breakdown Dimension  
pr_attr_visit_competitor_total Dimension  
pr_attr_visit_data Dimension  
ad_equivalency Number  
readership Number  
seo_impact Number  
avg_session_duration Number  
bounce_rate Number  
goal_completions Number  
uniqueWebViews Number  
goal_conversion_rate Number  
goal_value Number  
new_users Number  
pageviews Number  
pageviews_per_session Number  
percent_new_sessions Number  
sessions Number  
shares Number  Total number of shares
social_facebook Number  Number of shares on Facebook
social_google_plus Number  Number of shares on Google Plus
social_linkedin Number  Number of shares on LinkedIn
social_pinterest Number  Number of shares on Pinterest
social_twitter Number  Number of shares on Twitter
transaction_revenue Number  
insert_date Date Time Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table  
channelmix_profile Dimension Contents defined by Alight
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