Google Trends

ChannelMix can automate data from your Google Trends reports by passing Google Trends the criteria used when setting up a search.

  • Search Term / Topic
  • Geo
  • Timeframe
  • Category
  • Type of Search

The easiest way to request this type of data is to open a request in ChannelMix Help Center and provide the exact URL(s) that you need to automate.  For instance, this URL is a report for the parameters below:

  • Search Term / Topic = "analytics"
  • Geo = "us"
  • Timeframe "5 Years"
  • Category = "all categories"
  • Type of Search = "web search"

If you provide the URL, we will be able to decipher the needed parameters and setup a dataset that refreshes on a schedule.

Keep in mind that Google Trends datasets provide an index of the exact parameters.  For example, in the example above, you will always ONLY have 5 years of data because the index is recalculated each time the report runs with new data.

Custom timeframes are not supported.

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