Tableau for Marketers Training

Alight Analytics is proud to introduce Tableau for Marketers, a new training program that equips marketing teams with the skills they need to build clear, compelling dashboards faster. 

Tableau is one of the most powerful tools available for visualizing data in eye-catching, easy-to-understand reports. But it takes time to learn Tableau’s interface and features. It can take even longer to master the fine points of dashboard design, especially if you’re teaching yourself or taking training that isn’t geared toward marketers. 


Tableau for Marketers is designed to shrink the learning curve. Each lesson focuses on how marketers will use Tableau during a typical workday. Participants will walk away with the strategies, best practices, and shortcuts that Alight has developed over a decade of marketing dashboard design. Best of all, you’ll be learning from an actual human being who has built actual marketing dashboards for actual clients. We understand where you’re coming from. And when you have a question, we’ll help you find the answers.

How it works

Tableau for Marketers can be delivered three different ways:

At Your Office: Alight’s trainer will come to your office and deliver the course in person to your team. For an additional fee, lessons can incorporate your team’s data. 

At Our Office: Travel to Alight’s headquarters in Kansas City and participate with a group of marketers from other companies. 

Online: Access the same lessons as our in-person training, beamed straight to your computer.  

Each lesson uses datasets created with ChannelMix, Alight’s marketing intelligence platform. Right now, Tableau for Marketers training is available only for current Alight clients. 

What you’ll learn

The Tableau for Marketers curriculum covers: 

  • Designing reports
  • Connecting to ChannelMix
  • Creating interactive data pickers
  • Add context to reports by adding comparisons to other date ranges
  • Blending data 
  • Creating complete dashboards with complete worksheets
  • Add interactivity with filters
  • Building line and bar charts in Tableau
  • Troubleshooting 

But Alight also offers a series of additional electives, including: 

  • Advanced Design: Covers increased interactivity, mapping, and other next-level topics.
  • Date Calculations: Offers training on more complex date calculations and comparisons.
  • Table and Level of Detail Calculations: Shows users how to add benchmarking, budget pacing, and other context to their dashboards.

Ready to get started? 

Interested? Contact your account director for more information today!
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