Pepperjam | Transaction History Standard Dataset

Below are the fields Alight Analytics considers standard for the Transaction History dataset from Pepperjam. There is a 1-day lag, 5-day lookback window on this dataset and data will be refreshed daily.

Field Name Type Description
report_date Date   
process_date Date Time  
sale_date Date Time  
commission Number  
company Dimension  
item_id Dimension  
link_type Dimension  
order_id Dimension  
publisher Dimension  
publisher_commission Number  
publisher_id Dimension  
publisher_type Dimension  
publisher_join_date Date Time  
publisher_request_date Date Time  
publisher_company Dimension  
publisher_status Dimension  
publisher_first_name Dimension  
publisher_last_name Dimension  
publisher_country Dimension  
publisher_state Dimension  
publisher_term Dimension  
publisher_transparency Dimension  
publisher_website Dimension  
revision Dimension  
sale_amount Number  
site_commission Number  
status Dimension  
transaction_id Dimension  
transaction_type Dimension  
website_url Dimension  
insert_date Date Time Internal use: when the row was inserted in the table  
channelmix_profile Dimension Contents defined by Alight
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