ChannelMix File Upload | How to Connect

How to Connect 

Below is step by step instructions on how to submit your request through ChannelMix Help Center to be able to load a flat file to ChannelMix.

  1. When you are in ChannelMix Help Center, click "Submit a Request".
    1. Screen_Shot_2019-11-14_at_4.17.49_PM.png
  2. Select "I'd like to setup or alter a data set"
    1. Screen_Shot_2019-11-14_at_4.20.04_PM.png
  3. Fill out the subject and priority
  4. Select File Upload from the Media Source drop-down
  5. Provide a description of and about your file, including:
    1. When new files are sent, should the data be appended to the current data, fully replace the current data, or a combination of both?
      • If a combination of both, please let us which fields we should use for properly replacing old data with new data.
    2. If it is an Excel file with multiple tabs, please specific which tab or tabs need to be loaded.
  6. Attach the example file and check the box next to "Example File Attached".
    1. Files should contain a date field, unless used for metadata purposes.
    2. Files should be in the rawest form possible - no merged columns, no merged rows, or other formatting
    3. Header rows and footer rows should be kept to a minimum. Eliminated if possible.
    4. Files need to be sent in the same format each time.
  7. Submit your ticket
  8. A member of our Data Solutions team will review your request and reach out if there are any additional questions.
  9. Upon completion of the request, there will be a specific file destination for you to use when you click the drop-down icon in the File Upload page in ChannelMix Control Center.

How to perform a file upload

  1. Navigate to the File Upload page in ChannelMix Control Center
  2. Click on the "Choose File Destination" drop-down
    1. The naming structure of file destinations is Agency - Client - Description of FileFile_Upload_1.png
  3. Click the "Choose File" button to find the file saved on your computer
  4. Hit "Submit" to begin the processing of your file
  5. Monitor your file uploading progress in the File Upload History sectionUpload_History_1.png
  6. When you see "Success" in the status section, then your upload has been completed.
    1. Other Statuses:
      1. Enqueued - Your file is waiting to be processed
      2. Dequeued - Your file is being processed
      3. Failure - Your file was not loaded successfully. Double-check that the file has been saved in the agreed-upon file type. Make sure the file’s column structure and formatting are set up correctly, based upon the initial setup. Try uploading the updated file.
        1. Submit a request if you're unable to determine what is causing your file to fail.
      4. Reviewed - A files failed status been reviewed.
  7. Proceed to load additional files if needed.

Please let us know if any further clarification of this process is needed.

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