ChannelMix | Social Follower OneView

Below are the fields for the Social Follower OneView dataset. The sources that populate a OneView can be customized to your data specifications, however, the datasets that are available in the standard Social Follower OneView configuration are:

  • Facebook Page (v_facebook_page)
  • Instagram Follower (v_instagram_follower)
  • LinkedIn Follower (v_linkedin_follower)
  • Twitter Follower (v_twitter_follower)
  • YouTube Subscriber Count (v_youtube_subscriber_count)
Field Field Type Description
Report Date Date The date the activity occurred
Data Source String The data source from where the record originated
Followers Integer Total number of followers
Insert Date Timestamp The time in which the record was inserted into ChannelMix - Data freshness indicator
ChannelMix Profile String A descriptive name for the segment of data from each data source
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