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Can I add the results metric to my Facebook Ads datasets? 

Data Explained

The results field is not a field that we can pull through the API. The results metric is based on the objective that you set for a campaign and the metric you associate with that objective. Here is the Facebook Ads help center article that further explains the results metric.

With that being said, we can add the objective field to your Facebook Ads dataset. This will allow you to recreate the results metric using a calculated field. We recommend the results metric be implemented this way for a few reasons - better visibility in to which metrics are being used, ease of adding to or updating the calculation, and it eliminates have to submit a request to our Data Solutions team.

Example Calculation:

WHEN objective = 'Conversions'
AND campaign = campaign_1
THEN actions_lead_form
END AS results

Please note: Facebook uses a default attribution window to count results that occur within 1 day after viewing or within 28 days after clicking your ad. We can also add additional attribution windows for metrics if they are needed.

We hope this article was helpful! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback to help make this article better. Thanks!

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