ChannelMix Monitor Dashboard

The ChannelMix Monitor dashboard is a tool that allows you to see important things in your data quickly. 

You can use the ChannelMix Monitor dashboard to:

  • Quickly identify if anything unexpected (outlier) is occurring in my data. Irregularities could be a result of increased marketing, seasonality, etc. or could indicate an underlying issue.
    • Do any outliers exist in my datasets?
    • If so, in what datasets have outliers been found?
    • What metrics are outliers? How different are these metrics from expected values?
    • When did these outlier values appear?
    • Based on identifying data outliers, do we have execution issues in campaign tracking or website tagging?
  • Quickly identify if all of my datasets have been loaded with new data. If my datasets have not been updated, it could be a result of ChannelMix losing access due to missing credentials or a file not uploaded to ChannelMix. It would be a good idea to check for any tickets in  ChannelMix Help Center regarding the issues stated. 

The dashboard includes two tabs; Outlier Results and Data Freshness. This data is based on a rolling 60 day period. 


  • Outliers: an outlier is a value outside of expected norms. ChannelMix Monitor uses statistical methods to test values in your datasets for outliers. The results of these tests are listed in this tab. 
    • Example: If your website normally received around 5000 visits per day, you would expect that trend to continue. If your website suddenly receives 20,000 visits in one day, that value is unexpected-- and may be an outlier. 
  • Data Freshness:  datasets are considered refreshed when all tables are loaded on a given day. 
    • Example: If a OneView has data from 5 of 6 sources on a given day, it is not yet considered refreshed.
  • Dataset Refresh: A dataset is refreshed when all dependent tables have been loaded on a single day.
  • Dependent Tables: The number of tables the view is comprised of.
  • Refreshed Data End Date: The date on which the most recent data refresh ends.
  • Refreshed Data Start Date: The date on which the most recent data refresh begins.
  • Outlier: A data point identified as outside of normal.
  • ChannelMix Profile: Set when configuring Google Analytics accounts on
  • Dimension Set: The dimensions are taken into account when testing the value. For example, a value of "campaign : campaign 1" indicates that the outlier applies to the campaign1 value. If dimension value is not present, the outlier identified applies to an aggregation of the dataset.
  • Metric: The metric tested.
  • Outlier Confidence: ChannelMix Monitor runs three tests on metric values. If three tests all identify the metric as an outlier, this value is 'High'. If two tests identify an outlier, the value is 'Medium'. If one test identifies an outlier, the value is 'Low'.
  • Standard Deviation: A measure of how spread out the data is relative to the average
  • Test Date: The date on which the outlier data was recorded.
  • Tested (Outlier) Value: The numeric value that ChannelMix Monitor has identified as an outlier. 
  • Average (Mean) Value: The average of the sum of all values divided by the number of data points tested against. By default, this is the average of the last 26 data points stored in ChannelMix.
  • Client Name: The name of your company.
  • Data Source: The origin of your data via your connections.
  • Report Date: The date the activity occurred
  • Tested (Outlier) Value: The numeric value that ChannelMix Monitor has identified as an outlier.
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