How to Connect ChannelMix to Power BI

Start by opening up Power BI Desktop and sign in using your Power BI credentials. You’ll get the following popup. Click ‘X’ on the top right corner of the dialog to close it.

From the Home ribbon, click on “Get Data” & open “More…”

Search for the Amazon Redshift connector. Once you select “Amazon Redshift”, click the ‘Connect’ button in the bottom right corner. 

This will open a new window where a new server and database connection can be established. You’ll enter the following information that was provided by Alight:   

  • Server: “HOST:PORT”
    • Note that a colon and the port number will need to be appended to the end of the server URL/host name. 
  • Database: “Client_Name”
  • Can leave batch size blank.
  • “Data Connectivity mode” should be set to “Import”.  

Click OK to open the next prompt for credentials. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Click ‘Connect’ once entered. 


Once you have selected the desired dataset from the next window, click “Load” to load it into your Power BI workbook.


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