ChannelMix | Paid Social OneView Performance and Conversion

Below are the fields for the Paid Social OneView Performance and Conversion dataset. The sources that populate a OneView can be customized to your data specifications, however, the datasets that are available in the standard Paid Social Performance and Conversion OneView configuration are:

  • Facebook Ads (v_facebook_ads_standard)
  • Facebook Ads (v_facebook_ad_standard_conversion)
  • LinkedIn Ads (v_linkedin_ad_creative)
  • LinkedIn Ads (v_linkedin_ad_creative_conversion) 
  • Pinterest Ads (v_pinterest_pin_promotion)
  • Pinterest Ad (v_pinterest_pin_promotions_conversion)
  • Reddit Ads (v_reddit_ad_standard)
  • Reddit Ads (v_reddit_ad_standard_conversion)
  • Snapchat Ads (v_snapchat_ads)
  • Snapchat Ads (v_snapchat_ad_conversion)
  • TikTok Ads (v_tiktok_ad_standard)
  • TikTok Ads (v_tiktok_ad_standard_conversion)
  • Twitter Ads (v_twitter_ads_line_item)
  • Twitter Ads (v_twitter_ads_line_item_conversion)
Field Field Type Description
Report Date Date The date activity occurred
Data Source String The data source from where the record originated
Platform String The platform from where the data originated
Device String The device where the ad was viewed
Campaign String The campaign name
Ad Group String The ad group name
Placement String The placement name
Ad String The ad name
Conversion Name String A description of the conversion
Impressions Integer Total times the ads were served
Video Views Integer Total times your video ads were viewed
Video Completions Integer How many times 100% of the video was watched
Link Clicks Integer The number of link clicks attributed to the ad
Post Reactions Integer The number of post reactions attributed to the ad
Comments Integer The number of post comments the ad received
Shares Integer The number of times the ad was shared
Engagements Integer The number of actions the ad received
Cost Decimal Total cost of ads
Follows Integer The number of page likes attributed to the ad
Video Views 25 Decimal The number of times 25% video was watched
Video Views 50 Decimal The number of times 50% video was watched
Video Views 75 Decimal The number of times 75% video was watched
Video Views 95 Decimal The number of times 95% video was watched
Viral Impressions Decimal Number of viral impressions the creative received.
Viral Clicks Decimal Number of viral clicks the creative received.
Viral Shares Decimal Number of viral shares the creative received.
Viral Likes Decimal Number of viral likes the creative received.
Viral Follows Decimal Number of viral follows the creative received.
Conversions Integer Total conversions based on data source conversion tracking
Conversion Value Decimal The sum of conversion values for the conversions
ChannelMix Key String The ChannelMix Key associated with the campaign metadata
Insert Date Timestamp
The time in which the record was inserted into ChannelMix - Data freshness indicator
Channelmix Profile String
A descriptive name for the segment of data from each data source
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