Pinterest | Promoted Pins Conversion Standard Dataset

This article details the dataset structure that Alight Analytics considers standard for the Promoted Pins Conversions dataset from Pinterest. We pull this with a 1-day lag and a 30-day span daily. We can only pull data for the previous 365 days.  

Our default conversion attribution window is 30 day ​click​, 30 day ​engage, and 1 day ​view​.

Attribution day options are 1, 7, 30 and 60 (days). Attribution window combinations are entered as click/engage/view,  i.e. [30, 30, 1]). 

If you would like to have the conversion attribution window adjusted, please submit a ticket to our Product Support team and let them know what combination you would like the attribution window changed to.

Note: Per the limitations of the Pinterest API, catalog campaigns can only be pulled at the ad group or campaign level.  The "Promoted Pins" datasets are ad level datasets, so they won't include data from catalog campaigns.


Field Type Description
Report Date Date  The date for the reported metrics
Campaign Id Number The Campaign Id for the promoted pin
Campaign Name Dimension The Campaign Name for the promoted pin
Campaign Status Dimension The Campaign Status for the promoted pin
Ad Group Id Number The Ad Group Id for the promoted pin
Ad Group Name Dimension The Ad Group Name for the promoted pin
Ad Group Status Dimension The Ad Group Status for the promoted pin
Pin Id Number The Id for the pin
Pin Promotion Id Number The Id for the promoted pin
Pin Promotion Name Dimension The Name of the pin promotion 
Pin Promotion Status Dimension The Status of the pin promotion 
Conversion Name Dimension The name of the conversion type
Conversions Number The total number of conversions
Insert Date Timestamp ChannelMix Field: when the row was inserted into the dataset
ChannelMix Profile Dimension ChannelMix Field: the ChannelMix Profile associated with the data
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