Organic Search Dashboard Overview

The Organic Search dashboard is designed to bring together SEO tools in a way to help marketers understand how content on their websites are driving interactions on search engines. 

You can also view it here on Tableau Public.

Marketers use SEO to help drive traffic to a website, but often lose visibility once users leave the search engine. This data is available but silo’d. The Organic Search template dashboard was developed to tie activity from SEO to website to better understand how SEO is performing. 

Some business questions and purposes to solve for are:

  1. Understand what keywords are my customers using to navigate to my website.
  2. Of those keywords, which ones are converting on my website?
  3. What opportunities do I have to build more content on my website? e.g. what keywords are pertinent to my business but are currently ranked low for my website?
  4. Is my keyword rank improving overtime?
  5. How often does my website appear on the first page (top half of the first page, second page, etc.) for keyword searches?

This report includes the following data sources:

Organic Search:

  • Google Search Console


  • Google Analytics

This report includes the following dashboards:

Executive Summary

Query Summary


This report is built on the following datasets:

  1. v_ga_session
  2. v_google_search_console_device_query
  3. v_google_search_console_page_query
  4. v_google_search_console_top_queries
  5. v_google_search_console_total_queries
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