ChannelMix | Paid Search Keyword OneView Performance and Conversion

Below are the fields for the Paid Search Keyword Performance and Conversion OneView dataset. The sources that populate a OneView can be customized to your data specifications, however, the datasets that are available in the standard Paid Search Keyword Performance and Conversion OneView configuration are:

  • Apple Search Ads (v_apple_search_ads_keywords)
  • Bing Ads (v_bing_keyword)
  • Bing Ads (v_bing_keyword_conversion)
  • Google Ads (v_google_ads_api_keyword)
  • Google Ads (v_google_ads_api_keyword_conversion)
  • Google Search Ads 360 (v_search_ads_360_keyword)
  • Google Search Ads 360 (v_search_ads_360_keyword_conversion)
Field Field Type Description
Report Date Date The date activity occurred
Data Source String The data source from where the record originated
Platform String The platform from where the data originated
Account String The account name from the platform the data was pulled
Account ID Integer The account ID
Campaign String The campaign name
Ad Group String The Ad Group or Placement name
Keyword String The keyword name
Match Type String Match type of keyword
Channel String A description of the marketing channel
Device String The device where the ad was viewed
Conversion Category String Category that describes the action taken
Conversion Name String A description of the conversion
Impressions Integer Total times the ads were served
Clicks Integer Total times the ads were clicked
Cost Decimal Total cost of ads
Conversions Decimal
Total conversions based on data source conversion tracking
Conversion value Decimal
Total conversion value based on data source conversion tracking
View Through Conversions Decimal
The total number of view-through conversions. These happen when a customer sees an image or rich media ad, then later completes a conversion on your site without interacting with (e.g. clicking on) another ad
ChannelMix Key String The ChannelMix Key associated with the campaign metadata
Insert Date Timestamp
The time in which the record was inserted into ChannelMix - Data freshness indicator
ChannelMix Profile String
A descriptive name for the segment of data from each data source
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