Data Enrichment | ChannelMix Census State Population

Below are the fields Alight Analytics provides as the standard ChannelMix Census State Population dataset. This is a Data Enrichment dataset that can be provided upon request. The data itself is provided directly by Alight and does not need to be manufactured or provided by the end user.  This data is currently only available for the United States.


Field Name Field Type Description
Date Date  The date which the population was recorded
Country String The Country being measured
Territory String The Territory being measured. For the United States, some examples would be "Southwest", "Northeast", "Midwest" or "South"
Region String Region being measured. For the United States, this value will represent a state or US territory
Population Integer The total population
Insert Date  Time  The time the record was inserted into ChannelMix 
ChannelMix Profile  String  Alight assigned field in ChannelMix


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