Kenshoo | How to Connect


In order for Alight Analytics to have access to your Kenshoo data, you'll need to create a connection on the Connect Page of ChannelMix Control Center. The ChannelMix user setting up the connection will need to provide username, password, Kenshoo ID, and report ID.

  • We encourage you to name the connection in a way that displays the Kenshoo ID.
  • You can find the Kenshoo ID in the subdomain for the user's dashboard. For example, the dashboard url might be "," so the ks_id (Kenshoo ID) would be 5146.
  • Please also enter the report ID (The numerical report ID within the account) you want to access in the "Notes" field of the connection pop-up.

Once you create the connection using the above details, you'll link the ChannelMix profile you would like to use and submit a ticket requesting a dataset to our support team. Please provide an export of the report in your request, and we'll get you rolling!



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