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In order for Alight Analytics to have access to your Kenshoo data, you'll need to create a connection on the Connect Page of ChannelMix Control Center. The ChannelMix user setting up the connection will need to provide username, password, Kenshoo ID, and report ID.

  • We encourage you to name the connection in a way that displays the Kenshoo ID.
  • You can find the Kenshoo ID in the subdomain for the user's dashboard. For example, the dashboard url might be "," so the ks_id (Kenshoo ID) would be 5146.
  • Please also enter the report ID (The numerical report ID within the account) you want to access in the "Notes" field of the connection pop-up. This ID can be found on the "Scheduled Reports" Page. To see the report ID's you will need to horizontally scroll all the way to the right of the presented grid. 

Once you create the connection using the above details, you'll link the ChannelMix profile you would like to use and submit a ticket requesting a dataset to our support team. Please provide an export of the report in your request, and we'll get you rolling!



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