Getting a new client set up for ChannelMix Dashboards


When you are ready to get another client setup with data to support one of your Quick-Start dashboards, you'll need to make sure data sources are connected and underlying datasets are activated prior to requesting the supporting OneView(s) for your dashboard. 

Below are the steps to follow. 

Create a client and profile

To create client and corresponding profiles, start by clicking the blue “+” in top right corner of ChannelMix Control Center. 


Full, step-by-step process can be found in the Client and Profile Creation article. 

Connect Data Sources & Link Profiles

You'll need to add a connection for any new data sources and/or credentials not currently connected for the client you just added. NOTE: If credentials for a data source are already connected, add the newly created client profile to that credential by clicking “Link ChannelMix Profile”.

For more information, please reference the Connecting Data Sources article.

Activate Underlying Datasets for Desired OneView(s)

First, you'll need to navigate to the Quick-Start Dashboard you're trying to replicate with the newly created client and determine which OneView(s) are needed for the dashboard. Review OneView documentation for list of standard datasets that flow into the needed OneView(s). 

Within each article, you'll see the supporting OneView(s) and, in some cases, other datasets needed to power the dashboard. 

OneViews are supported by underlying datasets that you can activate within ChannelMix Control Center. If you click on the articles for the OneViews, you will see which datasets can be activated per each data source you want to see in your dashboard.

If you already know which OneView(s) are needed, you can also find the individual OneView articles in the section called ChannelMix OneViews.

Next, you'll need to activate the applicable datasets within ChannelMix Control Center. You can learn more in our article What is Dataset Activation?

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