Salesforce Pardot | How To Connect

In order for Alight Analytics to have access to your Salesforce Pardot account, you'll need to connect in the Connect Page of ChannelMix Control Center.

The link will redirect you to Salesforce where you will need to enter your Username and Password.

  • Authenticate with a user that is SSO enabled. An SSO-enabled user is one who can log in to using "Log In with Salesforce" or who can access Pardot using the Pardot Lightning App.

You then will need to click "Allow" to grant ChannelMix the below permissions to your account.


Once you have completed the OAuth process and returned to ChannelMix, save your connection and connect it to the desired ChannelMix profile. You will then need to enter your Pardot Business Unit ID.

  • To find the Pardot Business Unit ID, use Setup in Salesforce. From Setup, enter "Pardot Account Setup" in the Quick Find box. Your Pardot Business Unit ID begins with "0Uv" and is 18 characters long. If you can’t access the Pardot Account Setup information, ask your Salesforce Administrator to provide you with the Pardot Business Unit ID.

Please see the 'Via Pardot API login endpoint' of this documentation for further information. 



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