How to report with Budget: a KEYS Calculation Must-Have


Adding KEYS to your reporting strategy can really enhance your ability to desribe your campaigns accurately and gives you important goals to help measure success. But what is the best way to use all those extract fields in your dashboard? The goal of this article is to provide some must-have calculations you can use that will accurately represent your KEYS data.

Data Setup

For the calculations, we'll be using Level of Detail functions so you'll need to ensure that your KEYS data is either included directly in your OneView or you'll need to create a JOIN in your Tableau workbook on the KEY value.  Either works really well, but Level of Detail functions are not possible from a secondary data source so blending is out of the question here.  Don't go down that road.

Calculations for SubCampaign Budget

The data source for this would need v_oneview... left joined to v_keys_subcampaign on the key value and a budget field would need to be configured in KEYS for subcampaigns.

SubCampaign Budget

SUM({FIXED [Key] : MIN([Budget])})

Provides a total budget for keys on which you are reporting.  

SubCampaign Budget Daily

SUM({FIXED [Key] : MIN([Budget])}) / SUM({FIXED [Key] : COUNTD([Report Date])})

This will provide an accurate daily budget number based on your SubCampaign budget and how many days have currently happened.  So if your budget is $1000 and only 2 days have data for your active campaign, then the SubCampaign Budget Daily value would be $500.

SubCampaign Budget Daily * Days

SUM({FIXED [Key] : MIN([Budget])}) / SUM({FIXED [Key] : COUNTD([Report Date])}) * SUM({INCLUDE: COUNTD([Report Date])})

This will take the SubCampaign Budget Daily and multiply it by the number of days being used in your worksheet.  So if we have that same scenario and the budget is $1000, two days have passed and the daily value is $500... then the Source Budget Daily * Days would be $1000 and it would dynamically update as more days appear in your OneView.

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