Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) | Configure Report for ChannelMix


ChannelMix's integration with your Google Ad Manager data will work by sending data in a custom report to ChannelMix via a scheduled email.  Here is the rundown for building an Ad Manager report that will work well with your ChannelMix Data Warehouse.

Head over to Ad Manager by clicking this link and click Reporting > Reports on the side navigation to build a new report.


Google Ad Manager | Report Configuration

Setting a report is quick and easy.  Here are the steps:

  • General Settings
    • Report Name: Create a name that is descriptive enough that other users don't alter the template i.e. "ChannelMix Report > [Advertiser] > DONT EDIT"
    • Date Range: Choose a dynamic date range so that new data continues to send to ChannelMix.  Last 7 days is a perferred window of time
    • Table Structure: Flat
    • Filters: If you have multiple Advertisers it's recommended that you create an individual report for each Advertiser and use a filter to make each report unique.  This should align to a ChannelMix Profile.


  • Dimensions
    • Date
    • Advertiser
    • Line Item
    • Creative
    • Demand Channel


  • Metrics
    • Total
      • Total Impressions
      • Total Clicks
      • Total CPM and CPC Revenue
    • Video Viewership
      • Start
      • First Quartile
      • Midpoint
      • Third Quartile
      • Complete


  • Editors and Scheduling
    • Editors: Leave this blank
    • Schedule: Daily
    • Date Range: Ad Manager will only let a report run on a schedule for one year. We recommend selecting the maximum date allowed.
    • File Format: CSV
    • Include Header: TRUE
    • Include IDs: TRUE
    • Notify Creator: FALSE
    • Add Recipients: THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is to add a ChannelMix email to the recipients section at the bottom of the report configuration. You'll need to request a unique ChannelMix email handle for each report you create.  There is no limit on the unique addresses you can request.


  • Click Save (and run if you'd like to send the report to ChannelMix right away)
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