Reddit Ads | How to Connect

In order for Alight Analytics to have access to your Reddit Ads account, you will need to setup a new connection via the connect page of ChannelMix Control Center.

Note Prior to Connecting:

Please contact your Reddit sales representative and have them whitelist the following:

  • username associated with your account_id
  • username associated with the account used to connect in ChannelMix.

If you do not have a Reddit sales representative but would like to request one, please fill out the 'Contact Sales' form here.



Clients will need to provide an account_id from Reddit Ads. The account_id should populate once the user has completely OAuth'd. If the account_id did not populate automatically once OAuth has been completed, please see Reddit Ads documentation


:heavy_exclamation_mark: To get the id, it will be in the url when you go to Make sure that you're in the proper account and then if the url starts with then the ID will be t2_abcdef.


Additional Note: Data from the Reddit API is currently being pulled in UTC. When comparing data from Reddit's platform and the API please consider differences if your account is set to pull for a different time zone.



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