Traditional Media Performance - Overview


The purpose of the Traditional Media Performance Dashboard is to report on Traditional Media marketing efforts such as TV, Radio, Print, Billboard, etc and look at KPIs such as cost, impressions and CPM across channel, DMA and other pertinent segments. 


This dashboard shows both aggregate and granular performance metrics.  KPI boxes show total aggregate performance, but include background trend-lines to show performance over time.  Bar charts show a selected metric’s share by one of several dimensions.  These bar charts also function as visual filters to drive the dashboard.  These bars will filter each other, the KPI boxes, and the data table, and can be used in tandem with the filters at the top of the dashboard.  The data table shows ads at the most granular level.  This tab includes Cost, Impressions, and CPM as metrics.  This tab will be used if the user does not track conversions.

This dashboard also reports Conversions, Cost Per Conversion, and Conversion Rate.  This tab will be used if the user tracks conversions but not conversion value.

Conversion Value:
This dashboard also reports on Conversion Value and ROI.  This tab will be used if the user tracks both conversions and conversion value.

Supported BI Tools

Tableau & Power BI


Data Sources:

  • MNTN (formerly known as SteelHouse) (v_mntn_creative_group)
  • Traditional Media via Google Sheet (v_gs_traditional_media_and_conversion)





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