Facebook Ads | Standard Conversion Dataset DMA

Below are the fields Alight Analytics considers standard for Facebook Ads | DMA Conversion dataset.  By default, this dataset is scheduled to pull yesterday and the previous 28 days data to align with the Facebook's default conversion window.

All descriptive fields are also available in the Facebook Ads | Standard Dataset DMA dataset to allow easy analysis/reporting for ad performance metrics.

Facebook Ads data also includes Instagram Ads if you are advertising on both platforms, but due to the Facebook Ads breakdown limitations, we are unable to break out the data by platform.

The conversions that are being counted in this dataset will be anything that you see under "action_type" with the word "conversion" in the name from this link. See the screen shot after the dataset fields table for quick reference.

NOTE: Due to the process applied by Facebook that allows users to opt in and out of tracking, the conversion numbers in legacy datasets might not match the data that you see in the Facebook user interface (more information available in this help center article).  If you are seeing this type of discrepancy in your Facebook Ads dataset, you can submit a ticket to our Data Support team to update your dataset so that the statistical model applied in the Facebook user interface is also applied to the data that we receive from the API.  All Facebook conversion datasets that were activated from August 2021 forward will automatically have the statistical model applied to the conversion numbers.  If your dataset was activated on or after August 1, 2021 and you are still seeing a discrepancy, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to look into it for you.  

This dataset can be automatically activated without a ticket through Dataset Activation.

Field Type Description
Report Date DATE The date the activity occurred
Campaign STRING The campaign name
Campaign ID BIGINT The campaign ID
Account ID BIGINT The account ID
Account STRING The account name
Ad Set STRING A group of ads
Ad Set ID BIGINT The ad set ID
Ad STRING The ad name
DMA STRING Designated Market Area in which the Ad was served.
Objective STRING The objective given to the campaign
Conversion Name STRING The name of the conversion
Conversions DECIMAL The number of conversions
Conversion Value DECIMAL The value associated to the conversions
Insert Date TIMESTAMP ChannelMix Field: when the row was inserted into the dataset
ChannelMix Profile STRING ChannelMix Field: the ChannelMix Profile associated to the data


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