Data Explained: "Unique" Metrics

You may notice that the "unique" metrics (like reach, unique opens, unique clicks, etc.) in your datasets don't match what you see in the source platform's user interface.  This is common to see across a wide variety of platforms like Hubspot, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

This discrepancy is due to the time granularity that is involved with pulling data from an API.  ChannelMix pulls data that is aggregated daily.  This means that when we pull a unique metric for a specific day, the API is providing us with the unique number of times that the event occurred on that day

  • Using "unique opens" as an example, your user interface may show that the email that you sent was opened by 50 unique recipients.  When you look at your ChannelMix dataset, you may actually see 60 unique opens for that same email.  This is because your user interface is showing you the unique opens for the lifetime of that specific email whereas ChannelMix is showing you how many unique opens occurred each day.  You may have had a few users who opened that email several times over the course of a few days and a unique open is being counted on each day in your ChannelMix dataset.

We recommend keeping this in mind when you are comparing your data across platforms.

If you have further questions about your data, please reach out to Support.

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