The Trade Desk | Conversion Details Standard Dataset


Creating the Conversion Details Report using the Trade Desk user interface:

NOTE: You can view a more in-depth tutorial on creating Trade Desk reports here.

  • Navigate to the "My Reports" page and select "Conversion Details Report" within the standard templates.


  • Select the fields listed above for the standard dataset dimensions and metrics (note that this screenshot is not a complete representation of all fields listed above).


  • Complete your report creation:
    • Select the desired advertiser.
    • Select the date range that you’d like to include in your report each day. If you choose a window of time (e.g. Last 7 Days) then ChannelMix will refresh the data for any days that already exist in your data warehouse with the newest data available.  We recommend selecting Last 7 Days or Last 14 Days for ongoing reports and a custom date range for backfill reports.
    • Add the advertiser name to the Generated Schedule Name so it describes the report you are creating (e.g. “McDonalds | Last7Days | Conversion Details Report”).
    • Click “Run” on the report.
    • Provide the name of the report to Alight Analytics via a ChannelMix Help Center ticket.


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