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What is ChannelMix Conversion Tracking & Conversion ID? 

ChannelMix Conversion Tracking unifies important web events (such as a form fill or an eCommerce purchase) into one clean conversion metric, so you can see which channels and campaigns help achieve the objectives of your web property.

When mapped into your CRM, Conversion IDs can be used to tie a conversion event to a specific lead, deal or sale without requiring UTMs or 3rd-party cookies.

ChannelMix Conversion Tracking is required to unlock some of ChannelMix’s more advanced capabilities, including:

How Does ChannelMix Conversion Tracking Work? 

With ChannelMix Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager is used to add dedicated scripts to your web property’s pages and any forms that are part of the conversion event you want to track. Google Analytics will be configured to track and report on this custom conversion event in the v_ga_events dataset.

ChannelMix Conversions operate independent of 3rd party media pixels and tags, making this a privacy-friendly way to measure digital marketing performance. When using our rule-based and data-driven attribution models, the data model will use ChannelMix Conversions as its target variable. Level 2 pipeline dashboards will use ChannelMix Conversions as the default metric for the “Leads” stage of the pipeline.

Mapping ChannelMix Conversions into Your CRM with ChannelMix Conversion ID

Whenever forms are included in ChannelMix Conversion Tracking, they’ll produce a ChannelMix Conversion ID, a unique identifier for that specific conversion.

Not only will your ChannelMix Conversion ID be recorded by Google Analytics, the ID will also be passed along through a hidden form field to your CRM and stored with that contact’s information.

When ChannelMix aggregates data from GA and your CRM, it uses the ChannelMix Conversion ID to pass metdata through to that contact's information in your CRM. That metadata can include: 

As a result, you can see where a lead came from and track its progress through your sales funnel.

This Alight’s recommended process for tracking campaign performance in your CRM, rather than relying on UTMs, because 1st party cookies are more reliable and persistent than UTM parameters.

ChannelMix users can leverage tracking support hours to carry out the implementation or do so on their own, using the following guides.




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