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ChannelMix Index is a collection of media data from many industries and sources. The dataset is refreshed daily and can be loaded to a location of your choosing, including your ChannelMix Data Warehouse. Other methods of delivery are listed below and require a connetion to be established in ChannelMix Control Center.

Data Delivery Options

  • ChannelMix Data Warehouse (requires additional services)
  • AWS S3 Bucket

Dataset Field Dictionary

Field Name Field Type Description Examples
Report Date Date The date on which the activity occured  
Data Source String The name of the data source in which ChannelMix pulled the data Facebook Ads, Google Ads
Platform String The name of the platform that served the ad Instagram, Facebook, Google, The Tradedesk
Channel String The name of the marketing channel for the ad Paid Search, Paid Social, Email, Display, Video
Impressions Decimal The number of times an ad was displayed  
Clicks Decimal The number of times an ad was clicked  
Cost Decimal The cost associated to the ads  
Conversions  Decimal

The number of media conversions that were triggered related to the ads served

*Media Conversions can be configured to be whatever the media buyer wants so therefore this metric is not defined as one particular action but a combination of many depending on the media settings


ChannelMix Index Client ID  String  A unique ID associated to the company that is reasonsible for purchasing the ad  


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