Marketing & Media Mix Model - Marketing’s Contribution

Marketing’s Contribution is one of the Key Performance Indicators in the Optimization Summary section. This indicator shows the impact of marketing activities on the target variable based on the Marketing & Media Mix Model. 

We estimate the contribution of marketing by modeling the effects of seasonality on the target variable. These effects are included when training the Marketing & Media Mix Model so the model learns how marketing and seasonality relate to the target variable. We extract from the model a measure of how important each feature is in producing predictions. We subtract the importance of seasonality from one and that provides an estimate of the importance of marketing. 

It is important to note that the model can only learn about marketing channels for which we have historical data. This means that our estimate of marketing’s contribution is based only on those channels. The more complete a view of your marketing efforts we have, the better estimate of marketing’s contribution we are able to provide.

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