Unit 1 | ChannelMix For Beginners

Welcome to ChannelMix! We're excited to have you on board! 

In order to hit the ground running in getting your ChannelMix dashboards setup, we'll need to set up a few calls to meet the team, get an understanding of your analytics needs and to finally connect data. 

There are two steps included in this unit:

  1. Kickoff Call
  2. Connection Call



This unit typically takes 3-7 days complete, depending on schedules. 

Kickoff Call

This will be a 30 minute meeting with your ChannelMix account team. You'll get to be able to put a face with a name for the following dedicated roles:

1. Account Director Responsible for casting a strategic vision for you and your team and providing which ChannelMix products and services are needed in order to meet that vision.

2. Client Success Manager Your day-to-day contact, and responsible for making sure you and your team are trained on ChannelMix products and are using them in your day-to-day activities to optimize your marketing efforts. 

3. Implementation Manager Responsible for implementing the products needed for the vision. This person is part of our project management team and acts as a liaison between you and the ChannelMix teams working behind the scenes for product setup. 

Agenda items in this call typically include:

  • Review Strategic Initiatives
  • Review Roadmaps
  • Housekeeping Items
  • Included training units and what to expect for ChannelMix Setup & Dashboard Training

Typical action items for you or your team include:

  1. Gather credentials for needed data sources 
  2. Provide list of users to the platform
  3. Set up your account to access ChannelMix Control Center and ChannelMix Reporting (A welcome email will be sent by the ChannelMix team)
  4. Join our ChannelMix User Group Slack Community
  5. Create an account for ChannelMix Help Center
  6. Review the ChannelMix Connections section of ChannelMix Help Center to read the articles and understand the steps needed to connect your data sources
  7. Be prepared to share your screen in the next call (Connection Call) in order to connect within ChannelMix Control Center


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Connection Call

We'll use this time to walk through a demo of ChannelMix Control Center and have you share your screen to connect the data sources needed. This call typically lasts an hour, but additional calls can be scheduled if warranted. Included in this call will be the Implementation Manager and the Client Success Manager. 

Agenda items include


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Congratulations! You've made it through Unit 1! In Unit 2, be prepared to share some examples of your current reporting, whether that be in slides, spreadsheets, etc, so we can understand more of your current structure and process. 



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