Unit 4 | Multi-Touch Attribution


Below is the step-by-step process to set you up for success with Multi-Touch Attribution capabilities. 

The purpose of this Unit is to make YOU an expert in the attribution dashboard and to understand a user’s interactions prior to completing a conversion on the website.

Rule-Based vs Data-Driven

First, it's important to understand the different ChannelMix products we offer in your journey to discovering and understanding attribution paths taken by your users. 

You can find a tremendous amount of information on Multi-Touch Attribution and the best models to pick in the Multi-Touch Attribution - Overview article, which will help you understand the difference between Rule-Based Attribution Models and Data-Driven Attribution Models

mceclip3.pngYou can also read more on our Blog page on How to Choose the Right Marketing Attribution Model and download our eBook Marketing Attribution: A No-Nonsense User’s Guide


What to Expect

Once you've chosen the best product for you, below is what to expect when interacting with the ChannelMix team in order to get your perfect attribution model setup. 

There are five high-level discussion points needed in order to implement, train, and finally be able to find actionable insights within your attribution dashboard.

Steps in Unit 5 include:

  1. Introductory Call
  2. Solution Strategy Call
  3. Regroup on ChannelMix Conversion Tracking
  4. ChannelMix Team Presents Dashboards
  5. You Present ChannelMix Dashboards Back to Us




The setup time for both dashboards vary based on the implementation of tracking elements. Typically, we see the whole 5-Step process take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. 

Introductory Call

In this call, you can expect to have a higher-level discussion with your Client Success Manager and possibly your Account Director on these points below:

  • Discuss how attribution strategically fits in your marketing analytics practice today. What are your paid channels supposed to be doing? What are owned and earned channels supposed to do?
  • How can you use an attribution model in conjunction with your current ChannelMix dashboards to truly optimize marketing efforts?
  • Are you using any other tool to help analyze attribution?
    • If so, what's working? What's not? 
    • Can you share your current report or dashboard?
  • What business questions are you looking to answer with an attribution dashboard?
  • Which attribution model would work best for you? 
    • Are you using your marketing for potential users to gain awareness of your brand? Or consider a purchase or other type of conversion?

Common action items for ChannelMix clients as a result of this call include:

  1. Discuss internally which attribution model would be beneficial for your campaigns. (Refer to our blog post How to Choose the Right Marketing Attribution Model for some helpful tips!)
  2. Share any sort of current reporting with the ChannelMix Team
  3. Prepare for and gather answers for the Solution Strategy Call (below) 


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Solution Strategy Call

We'll bring in our Solution Engineer and Implementation Manager as well as your Client Success Manager. In this call, expect to get into the weeds!

If you are implementing a Rule-Based Attribution dashboard, you'll need our Conversion Tracking product implemented to align attribution recommendations to your Marketing Lead Pipeline. Conversion Tracking is a unified metric for reporting on important web events. This is implemented through Google Tag Manager (GTM), reported as a consistent conversion event in Google Analytics (GA) and is used as a consistent conversion source of truth for this dashboard as well as many other ChannelMix dashboards. 

For Data-Driven, you'll need Conversion Tracking as well as ChannelMix ID implemented. ChannelMix ID is a 1st-party identifier to track users across sessions and devices to align attribution recommendations to your Marketing Lead Pipeline and/or Marketing to Sales Pipeline. It's also implemented through GTM, captured in GA while not including any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and is used as a persistent person ID source of truth for many dashboards in the ChannelMix suite. 

Click on these links to find out more information on Conversion Tracking and ChannelMix ID.

In this call, we will be discussing the use of your Google Analytics. We'll start with asking these typical questions:

  • Are you currently using Universal Analytics (UA) or GA4?

  • What are your existing goals & which goals should be pulled into in dashboard(s)?

  • What are the names of the goals? 
  • How many conversion points should be tracked?
  • What are your conversion triggers and use cases for each conversion?
  • When discussing additional attributes for Conversion Tracking, we'll ask you:
    • What are the events on your website that are most important to you?

    • Where do these events happen on your website?

    • How are you reporting these events currently? How do you want to?

  • Providing access to GTM and Google Analytics accounts

More information on ChannelMix Conversion Tracking can be found in the Tracking | Onboarding Process Overview

If you find that your team, a 3rd party you're already working with, etc, can implement ChannelMix Conversion Tracking, please refer to our Tracking | How to Implement ChannelMix Conversion Tracking article for a step-by-step guide. 

Common action items for ChannelMix clients as a result of this call include:

  1. Provide access to GTM and GA accounts
  2. Provide additional attributes for Conversion Tracking to place in GA
  3. Provide list of goals and names of each


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Regroup on ChannelMix Conversion Tracking

Oftentimes, we see a need for an additional call to regroup on the implementation of Conversion Tracking and/or ChannelMix ID. 

In this meeting, we will address:

  • Implementation status of the ChannelMix team configuring events, goals and ChannelMix ID (for Data-Driven) to help support the dashboard(s)
  • Any roadblocks we're facing (Needing additional access, more confirmation on labels, etc)
  • (If applicable) Status of your team or partners implementing ChannelMix Conversion Tracking to make sure we are on track to hit the overall deadline to complete getting the dashboard setup


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ChannelMix Team Presents Dashboards

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will take this time to present the Attribution dashboard to you with your data. This may take a series of calls to complete.

Typical agenda items to cover include:

  • Highlighting certain features of the dashboard to answer the main business question you originally set out to answer with this new dashboard. This information should have been shared within the Introductory Call. 
  • Tweak different published filters like Conversion and Lookback windows or Models comparisons based on what you and your team deem important
  • Additional questions based on insights they have gleaned from diving into the dashboard
  • Incorporate other ChannelMix dashboards within Level 1 or Level 2 already included in your suite to fully understand the connection throughout 


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You Present ChannelMix Dashboards Back to Us

Like all units, we'll end with you or your team presenting the dashboard back to us in an effort to assess your overall knowledge and understanding of the dashboard to make sure you walk away with actionable insights and real-life scenarios to put these dashboards into practice. This could take a series of calls to complete to make sure you and your team are comfortable using the product.

In this call, you can expect:

  • Share your screen! This is a mock presentation given by you or your team to highlight how they would use this dashboard. 
  • Answer the original business question you wanted to answer at the beginning of the unit. 
  • Pull in other Level 1 or Level 2 dashboards to help tell the full data story
  • Prepare for feedback from the ChannelMix team


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