Unit 8 | Incorporating Additional Detail in Dashboards


Oftentimes, we see a need to add additional detail or customizations into dashboards. We typically like to fully understand business cases for the additional detail prior to executing on requests.

The purpose of this Unit is to add additional components or to customize dashboards to allow for further reporting.

This unit will take you through the five steps in getting that extra information added to the dashboards. 

The five steps include:

  1. Introductory Call
  2. Solution Strategy Call (if needed)
  3. Regroup on Implementation Status (if needed)
  4. ChannelMix Team Presents Dashboards
  5. You Present ChannelMix Dashboards



The implementation and training process depends greatly on the complexity of the request(s). It could take anywhere between 2-8 weeks.

Introductory Call

In this call, expect to discuss the high-level business cases for adding the additional details into your dashboards with your Client Success Manager and Account Director. Some questions we typically ask are:

  • Discuss the additional features, data, filters, etc you'd like to add.
    • Share how you are getting this data today
  • Why is this additional detail important to you?
  • What business questions will you be answering with this data?
  • Discuss what dashboard you want to customize
  • Who is the intended audience of the dashboard?

As a result of the information obtained in this call, the ChannelMix team will regroup internally and communicate back to you the next steps.

This could result in one of the following scenarios:

1. For heavy customizations: Solution Strategy Call with our Solution Engineer and Implementation Manager to gather more information. 

2. For light customizations: A Help Center request will be submitted in your behalf to get the changes implemented within our Data Support and/or Business Intelligence/Data Science team. 

3. For implementations that fall outside of the scope of our current agreement: Further discussions will need to be had with your Account Director. 

For the rest of this article, we will focus on implementing scenario #1 above. 


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Solution Strategy Call

A Solution Strategy call is used to further align your request with the technical resources on the ChannelMix team. This call will include the Client Success Manager, as well as our Solution Engineer, an Implementation Manager, or even a BI Developer or Data Engineer. 

Typical agenda items for this call will include:

  • Discuss any tracking requirements for stitching together pieces of data
  • Discuss current Google Analytics tracking strategies
  • Discuss any other data engineering requirements to help meet the goal of the customization


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Regroup on Implementation Status

We'll use this time to discuss progress toward different milestones within the project of getting the additional detail incorporated within not only the dashboard, but the database as well. This meeting will include the Client Success Manager as well as the Implementation Manager. 


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ChannelMix Team Presents Dashboards

This is it! We'll present the dashboard to you and your team with your requests we've documented and planned for. In this meeting, we will have the Client Success Manager presenting and sharing their screen and the Account Director could also be present. Here are some things we will talk through:

  • Ask the original business question(s) we are trying to answer with the customization
  • Highlight where in the dashboard(s) the customizations have happened
  • Recap what we've done up to this point and how to maintain the customizations
  • Tell the new data story with the additional detail
  • Review any supplemental documentation if needed

There's only one action item from this call...YOU. Getting ready to present the next time we meet. 

If you want some tips on how to tell a killer data story, check out our blogs on Data Storytelling


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You Present ChannelMix Dashboards

Last step! We want to make sure you and your team feel comfortable walking through the dashboard(s) with the customizations added. Your Client Success Manager and Account Director will be in the call to help you through it. Don't worry; you're going to do great. Here are some things to keep in mind while presenting:

  • Share your screen! This is a mock presentation given by you or your team to highlight how you'll would use this dashboard. 
  • Reference the original business question you wanted to answer with the additional detail at the beginning of your presentation, and answer it by the end. 
  • Be comfortable with the features and all tabs within each dashboard to understand and present the Data Story
  • Identify the KPIs that are important to you and your stakeholders
  • Prepare for feedback from the ChannelMix team



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