What does a ChannelMix Key look like?

What is a Key?

ChannelMix Keys are numerical values our system randomly generates. Once that Key is placed within fields in add serving platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads, we are able to grab that value when we place a call to the source's API. Typically, we see these Keys placed in the campaign field. The value of the field would look something like this:

Sprg 2021|BOGO|f3kj51t89

The "f3kj51t89" is the Key the system generated.

What does Keys look like in the database?

The Key "f3kj51t89" can be found in both a OneView and all of the below Keys datasets that are automatically created when Keys is configured in ChannelMix Control Center.

  1. v_keys_subcampaign
  2. v_keys_subcampaign_flight
  3. v_keys_subcampaign_flight_daily
  4. v_keys_source
  5. v_keys_source_flight
  6. v_keys_source_flight_daily

Having the Key value in all of these datasets is what allows the data to be combined in the dashboard from the source-specific performance data within the OneView. If Keys fields are being referenced in a OneView and a user creates a new field, the new field will not automatically be added to the OneView, but if Keys fields are being referenced in a OneView and a user removes a field from Keys, the field will automatically be removed from the OneView.

If Keys ever fails to sync data to Redshift, a message is created in the Keys UI. A member of the Data Support team will correct the issue.

When end-users update the values of fields within the Keys UI, the Keys datasets are updated every 5 minutes to make sure data is the most up-to-date. 
The datasets for v_keys_subcampaign_flight_daily and v_keys_source_flight_daily takes the budget the end-user has entered for the desired time frame and spreads it evenly across the number of days within that timeframe. For example, for February 2021, there are 28 days. For a budget of $3,000, it will out evenly across those 28 days within the dataset to $107.14 per day. This allows for daily pacing within a dashboard. 

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