Google Ads API Migration and What it Means

Google has created and launched a new API for Google Ads. On March 1, 2022 ChannelMix started migrating our Google Ads systems to the new Google Ads API from the deprecated Adwords API, which will go away on April 27th.

We have notified clients to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on accounts connected to Google Ads in the ChannelMix Control Center. If you still have not done this, please do so as soon as possible for a smooth transition.

Will my dashboards or datasets change?

Datasets linked to your dashboards will automatically be updated to include historical data from the Adwords API and new data from Google Ads API. If you do not use our dashboards, all datasets beginning with  v_google_ads_ will also be updated automatically for a seamless transition experience.

What are these new datasets in the data warehouse?

New Google Ads API datasets will begin with the prefix v_google_ads_api, but as stated above, existing v_google_ads_ datasets will automatically include data from both the new and old APIs.

What can I do to help?

If you notice that you are missing customized metrics, please submit a ticket and we will adjust your datasets accordingly. For the April 27th deadline we are focused on migrating our standard Google Ads datasets as referenced in our list of paid search sources.

Additionally, the two APIs are not identical and there may be irregularities or conflicts in your data. Our team will let you know when your Google Ads upgrade has been completed. At that time, if you notice any discrepancies in your data, please submit a ticket to our support team.

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