Tableau | How to Set Default Views in Tableau Server

Tableau defaults the view to whatever it was when the workbook was last saved. Our dashboard designers have default settings we typically save to, which can be reset by anyone with editing access (e.g., Creator and Explorer licenses).

But what if you don’t have this license or you have multiple team members who want a different default view?

Below are the steps to set your own personalized default view on Tableau Server!

Create a New View

  1. Open the dashboard for which you are wanting to create a new view.
  2. Set the dashboard to the view you want to save by adjusting the filters.
  3. Select “View: Original” in the toolbar on the top right.
    Click view original in the top right toolbar menu

  4. Name the view.
    Name your view
  5. Save your view.
    Click the save button

Manage Your Views

  1. When you reopen the View menu from the toolbar, you will see your new view listed.
    view all viwes under My Views

  2. To edit your views, click “Manage Views”.
    Click manage views

  3. Here you have the options to:
    1. Rename your view.
      click pencil to rename view

    2. Delete your view.
      click trash can to delete view

    3. Make your view private or public. 
      Click eye to make view private or public
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