Tableau | How to Save your Web Edits and Steps to Save Credentials

If you have editing capabilities in Tableau Server (e.g., an Explorer or Creator license), then you can web edit your ChannelMix dashboards! Maybe you want a different default view or you need to make a table a little wider.

Whatever your reasons for web edits, here are the steps on how to save your work and ensure your credentials are properly saved for future data refreshes!

Saving Your Work

  1. When you finish making your edits, click the save icon on the top left of the dashboard.
    Click save on the top left

  2. Enter the workbook name exactly as it appears in the top left corner.
    Reenter the workbook name in the prompt window

  3. Check both of the boxes at the bottom of the prompt.
    Check both boxes at the bottom of the prompt window

  4. Select “Save” in the bottom right of the prompt.

  5. Select “Yes” to overwrite the previous version of the workbook.
    Note: If you do not get this prompt, then the name you entered in step 3 was not identical to the previous workbook. If you look in your project folder, you will see both the old and the new versions.
    Click yes to overwrite the previous verison of the workbook

  6. Check if your data sources are live or extracts. To do so, return to your dashboard views and select “Data Sources.”
    Click data sources to check the status of your connections

  7. If your data sources are live, you are done! If your data sources say extract, please go to the next section on updating your credentials so that your data refreshes do not fail.
    If your data sources are extracts, go to the next section

Updating Credentials

  1. Click to the meatballs menu (the three dots).
    open the menu to the bottom right of the data source

  2. Select “Edit Connection”.
    Select Edit Connection

  3. Make sure “Embedded password in connection” is selected and click “Change the password”.
    Click change the password

  4. Enter your database password (can be found in C3).

  5. Click Test Connect.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat for every data source in the workbook.

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