Unit 5 | ChannelMix Keys


By using the power of ChannelMix Keys, you'll be able to add campaign meta-data to ChannelMix dashboards. This meta-data could be campaign-specific dimensions and measures you'd otherwise not be able to view within marketing platforms, website platforms, or CRM tools. 

Once this meta-data is added in ChannelMix Keys, you'll be able to filter, view and report on campaign performance against goals, budgets, etc, while in mid-flight to optimize the performance of your marketing efforts and marketing dollars.

The purpose of this unit is to inject campaign-specific data into your already existing ChannelMix dashboards to drill deeper into marketing campaign performance.


What to Expect

Expect to partner with us!

Determining the necessary fields needed to infuse your marketing data and dashboards is a group effort. Be prepared to have some strategic discussions at the beginning of this unit to help us understand what your reporting is missing. 

ChannelMix Keys will need to be placed in your media buying platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. Please make sure whomever manages those platforms are available throughout this implementation. Adding these Keys will allow for budgets, goals, and other campaign metadata to now live within the database to be able to pull into dashboards.

Steps in this Unit include:

  1. Introductory Call
  2. Solution Strategy Call (if needed)
  3. Regroup on Implementation (if needed)
  4. ChannelMix Team Presents Dashboards
  5. Client Presents ChannelMix Dashboards



The time needed to implement a successful Keys launch will vary, depending on the complexity of the fields needed. Typically, we've seen this process take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 

Introductory Call

Your Client Success Manager will bring along your Account Director to understand the business value of adding the power of ChannelMix Keys into your already existing ChannelMix Dashboards. 


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Solution Strategy Call (if needed)

Alongside the Client Success Manager, we will also bring in the Implementation Manager to discuss setting up ChannelMix Keys. In this call, you can expect the following agenda:

  • Share your screen! Import ChannelMix Keys Configuration within ChannelMix Control Center
    • We'll follow the steps outlined in the ChannelMix Keys Implementation Guide article. 
      • NOTE: As a template, we'd typically suggest the configuration called "Cross Channel Campaign Configuration". We find that this template covers a lot of bases, and is what we use for the Paid Media Campaign Pacing dashboard.
  • Attributes or fields within Keys
  • Where to place the Key within platforms

Typical action items include:

  1. Finish creating Keys within ChannelMix Control Center
  2. Finish placing Keys within platforms
  3. ChannelMix Team - Set up dashboards



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Regroup on Implementation (if needed)

Sometimes there may be a need to regroup on Keys. We'll use this time to answer any questions around creating a Key or where to place it within platforms. We'll also give an update on any dashboard changes, or be able to give you a sneak peek. 

Actions items from the previous call would apply here as well. 


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ChannelMix Team Presents Dashboards

The ChannelMix team will present the dashboards now infused with ChannelMix Keys. This will give insight into how your campaigns are pacing against the goals and budgets entered into ChannelMix Keys, or allow additional filtering within the dashboards.

Action items:

The next step is YOU presenting the dashboards back to us. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the dashboard and are ready to present in the next meeting! 


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You Present ChannelMix Dashboard Back to Us

Today is the day! We want to see you show off your new dashboard. Here is how a typical call would go:

  • Share your screen! This is a mock presentation given by you or your team to highlight how you'll would use this dashboard. 
  • Reference the original business question you wanted to answer with the additional detail at the beginning of your presentation, and answer it by the end. 
  • Be comfortable with the features and all tabs within each dashboard to understand and present the Data Story
  • Identify the KPIs that are important to you and your stakeholders
  • Prepare for feedback from the ChannelMix team


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