Media Conversion Detail - Dashboard Tab Overview


The Media Conversion Detail dashboard provides insights into how your individual media conversions are performing. See which of your media conversions you are generating the most or which one is returning the most value.

After reviewing your holistic performance, you can use this dashboard to report on an individual (or group of) media conversion(s) that is/are of interest. Click on a media conversion in the bottom table to filter your Media Conversion and Media Conversion Value scorecards and trendline visuals.

You can also use the Media Conversion filter, which will filter your Media Conversions and Media Conversion Value throughout your report. This filter is now made available in all dashboard tabs. 

Supported Dashboards

*For Tableau, the Media Conversion filter only filters data in the Media Conversion Detail dashboard. It does not filter the entire Paid Search Performance report. 

Supported BI Tools

The Media Conversion Detail dashboard is currently available in Tableau and PowerBI. 

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