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By default, ChannelMix dashboards aggregate all of your media conversions, however not all media conversions are created equal. The Media Conversion drop-down in the Configuration pane allows you to identify and isolate media conversions in order to support specific analysis. Establishing a Media Conversion configuration provides more meaningful insight into your Cost Per Conversion and ROI.

If your configuration is a setting that you will want to frequent, you can create default views in Tableau. This will save your configuration for the next time you log in, and can even be accessible to other members of your team. See our How to Set Default Views article for step-by-step instructions on how to create one. 

Supported ChannelMix Dashboards

*The Media Conversion configuration is not compatible with the Paid Search Performance report. 

Supported BI Tools

The Media Conversion Detail dashboard is currently available in Tableau. Compatibility in PowerBI will be coming soon. 

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