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Due to some changes in the API, has allowed us to access accounts with OAuth2.0 so we no longer need a universal connection to collect your data.

Please follow the following steps to re-connect to through ChannelMix Control Center.

  1. Go to the CONNECT tab within the ChannelMix Control Center.

  2. Click on the BOX icon and a popup window will appear on the right-hand side.

  3. Click on “Add Connection” to create a new connection. A pop-up window will appear notifying that you will be redirected to to authorize this connection.

  4. Click on “Open Box”.

  5. If you are not already logged into, a screen will show up asking you to log in.

  6. The following permissions will be granted to ChannelMix: 
    Read and write all files and folders stored in Box†

  7. Click on “Grant access to Box”.

  8. You will be redirected back to the ChannelMix Control Center where you can edit the Connection name

  9. Click Here to submit a request to our support team that you have created the new connection and wish for your existing data loads to be migrated over to the new connection.

  10. Fill out the Subject line in the request form as such so we can pick out these tickets.


†Allowing these permissions grants ChannelMix the ability to ingest your files as well as move them to an “archive” file so that our system knows what file has already been ingested and what has not.

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