Google Trends | Interest by Region | Standard Keyword by Sub-Region Dataset

Below are the fields ChannelMix considers standard for the v_google_trends_keyword_subregion dataset.  There is a 1 day lag and data is pulled every day for the previous day.

This dataset uses the "Interest by region" data that you see in Google Trends (see screenshot below).

Note: This dataset is not activatable since a Platform Support team member needs to configure the call with the keywords that are needed.  Please provide the keywords that you would like to use in the ticket that you send through the Help Center.


 Field Name Type Description
Report Date Date The date of the activity.
Geo Dimension The geographical filter.  The standard activatable dataset looks at regions/states (Google Trends calls these "subregions") within the US, but the country (US) can be modified if you would like (please submit a ticket in the Help Center to do so).
Granularity Dimension One of COUNTRY, CITY, or DMA depending on the dataset configuration.
Geo Name Dimension The name of the targeted geographical area.
Keyword Dimension Search Term / Topic.
Rank Dimension The interest of the topic.
Report Start Date Dimension The start date of the data that was pulled.
Report End Date Dimension The end date of the data that was pulled.
Insert Date Dimension  Internal use: when the row was inserted in the dataset.
ChannelMix Profile Dimension  When needed, distinguishes between accounts - Contents defined by Alight.



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