Shopify | API Change Affecting ChannelMix Datasets

ChannelMix completed an enhancement to our Shopify Puller to keep it up to date with the most recent version of their API.  In this new version, Shopify decided to change the endpoint where the 'customer_orders_count', 'customer_total_spent', 'customer_last_order_name', and 'customer_last_order_id' fields are located, which means they will now come through as empty or NULL in the v_shopify_order dataset.  These fields are not aggregates and are just used as metadata, so this shouldn't throw off any totals anywhere.  A dataset named v_shopify_customer has been created that will contain all customer information, including the four fields previously mentioned.  If these fields are important to your reporting, you can activate the v_shopify_customer dataset in order to obtain this data.




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