Facebook Social: Organic Page Impressions no longer supported

On Apirl 7th, 2023 ChannelMix began receiving errors from Facebook's Graph API that indicated Organic Page Impressions were not a support metric. In order to continue processing the datasets that included organic page impression metrics, the ChannelMix team made an update to remove these fields:

  • page_impressions_organic
  • page_impressions_organic_v2
  • page_impressions_organic_unique
  • page_impressions_organic_unique_v2

At this time, Facebook Social datasets that include those fields will continue to populate with all other data, however, those fields will be populated with NULL values. ChannelMix will continue to work with Facebook to better understand this undocumented API change. If an appropriate substitute field is identified then ChannelMix will migrate all ETLs to use the new field as soon as possible.

The affected fields are not used in any ChannelMix OneView datasets and therefore will not adversely affect ChannelMix dashboard templates on Tableau or Power BI.

If you are using these fields in a custom dashboard or analysis then you may have to update those assets to account for this change.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Facebook is notorious for undocumented changes and ChannelMix does everything possible to provide quick and seamless solutions for these undocumented updates. If you still have questions about how to handle this change, please contact ChannelMix Support at help.channelmix.com or by emailing support@channelmix.com.

Have a great day,

- The ChannelMix Data Processing Team




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